childrens book about diversity

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“A delightful tale with a clear, positive message and upbeat illustrations.”

– KIRKUS Reviews

“I love that we’re different. You’re you, and I’m me,” is a great one to instill in kids brains. Archie Finds His Voice is a positive, uplifting story that will help children find their own voices and celebrate what makes them unique.”

Kristine Zimmerman, for Readers Favorite

Among the beautifully illustrated pages of Archie Finds His Voice, a children’s book about diversity, readers will join Archie the Guineafowl and his friends on their journey. The group helps Archie get back to his mom in the bright tree. Kids will love this heartwarming story written in a bright engaging rhythm. Archie and his friends discover what it means to be true to themselves, and to appreciate the difference in others.

As Archie leaves his mother and his tree for the first time, he is scared. He misses his mother. He is self-conscious of how his “chee-chee-chee” song makes him stand out and the challenges that may create. On his journey from his home in the bright tree, Archie meets four friends. Each friend brings their own unique trait; creating a cohesive group built on what they come to realize is each other’s strength.

The friends learn the importance of authenticity and inclusion. And they gain the confidence to be proud of the gifts that make them who they are.

“Different doesn’t mean wrong.” –Archie

A note from Pam:

Mirrors and windows.  Emily Style, co-director of SEED (seeking educational equity and diversity) poet and educator was the initial brainstorm of this phrase. It has become a familiar term in the literary world.  I have found this to be a wonderful life altering and life enhancing concept. I find it very effective as it applies to children’s literature.  Think about this term the next time you read a children’s book about diversity and inclusion. The story Archie Finds His Voice can help a child see and identify(mirror) their place in the world. It will help children better view and understand(window) the world around them and the possibilities that exist.  It is through these stories, and mirrors and windows, that children learn about themselves through learning about others. 

Archie Finds His Voice is a story that children will want to read and over. It is an ideal story that encourages questions, dialogue and reflection.  Archie Finds His Voice is a story that will help children learn to appreciate difference in themselves and in others. Archie and his friends will prompt children to discover more about their own identity and who they are. It will help children build a desire to learn more about the world that surrounds them. Children will see that difference is not wrong; it is what makes the beautiful fabric of the world around us. The story Archie Finds His Voice will help children understand how they fit in and how they add their special gift.

Between the covers of Archie Finds His Voice, children and parents will get lost in the beautifully illustrated pages. People will fall in love with the story’s endearing characters; while children’s memories of sharing and learning will last a lifetime.

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