“Because someone’s different, doesn’t mean that they’re wrong.”

Join Archie the Guineafowl and his friends on their journey back to the bright tree. In this charming book, written in an engaging rhythm kids will love, Archie and his friends discover what it means to be true to themselves, and to appreciate the difference in others. 

As he leaves his mother and his tree for the first time, Archie is scared. He misses his mother, and he is self-conscious of how his “chee-chee-chee” song makes him stand out and the challenges that may create. As he travels further from his home in the bright tree, Archie meets four friends, each bringing their own unique trait; creating a cohesive group built on what they come to realize is each other’s strength.

Together the friends learn the importance of authenticity, inclusion, and what it means to be proud of the gifts that make them who they are.