BEWARE of Amazon’s “featured” 3rd party seller prices!

Please be aware of Amazon’s policy of allowing third-party book re-sellers to claim featured status in the ‘BUY BOX’ by promoting third-party bidding to “win” the spot – negating the author/publisher’s listed price, forcing it to be pushed into the barely noticeable “More Buying Choices” option that is rarely noticed by consumers.

The effect is that when a consumer goes to a book’s sale page, the first option to buy in each format may not feature the book’s publisher’s offer, but rather, a 3rd party seller!

I do not want my book to be over-priced. For this reason, while I will continue to sell on, I am now promoting Barnes&Noble, where Archie Finds His Voice will be reliably sold for its proper listed price of $12.99 for the soft cover and $19.99 for the hard cover. IF you prefer to shop, please remember to check the “More Buying Choices” section.

Published by Pam Dworetz-Sofarelli

Pam Dworetz-Sofarelli grew up reading everything she could get her hands on, including the back of cereal boxes, record album credits, the telephone book and just about every children’s fiction book before it actually hit the library shelves. Pam is a mother, author, tutor, vision therapist and occasional Oreo cookie binger who lives in NY with her wife and their two Cavalier King Charles Spaniels. She never misses a chance to be outside; kayaking, just enjoying the beach and nature, or scouting out Osprey nests and the best lobster rolls on Long Island’s east end. Pam has always loved creating, whether it's writing, drawing, or taking photos, she isn't afraid to allow her vivid imagination to take the lead. Inspired by experiences of her own, and those of her children, it is her value of authenticity that shines through on the pages of her debut children’s book, Archie Finds His Voice, where kids will learn the importance of knowing and being proud of their true selves while embracing the differences of others.

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