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The boy! The bird! The legend! The ever endearing ARCHIE! The long anticipated release of Archie Finds His Voice has now hit the shelves of two of the best places to buy children’s books online, Barnes & and! Discover all the talk about Archie, in the newly published book about Archie and his friends; five endearing and lovable children’s book characters, on their journey while learning important life lessons about diversity, inclusion and friendship. Please continue to enjoy a look around our pages, learn some interesting facts, play a game or two and please check back often for updates! We can’t wait to bring Archie’s story into your home!

What makes a good children’s book?

With all of the thousands of children’s books out there, choosing the one to read to the child in your care can be overwhelming. Especially during those busy days where quality time is in short supply. You want to make the right choice. For me, this means a story with a message, but not one that preaches. A story that provokes discussion each time it is read. A story with humor, yet substance. To me, my favorite type of children’s story is one that is relatable, and give kids a sense of where they belong. I love this quote in article in the New Yorker about this very subject. “Whether a child is waltzing to Tchaikovsky or to Strauss. The most important thing is that he or she is waltzing.”

Things to consider:

  • Illustrations that encourage a broader and heightened awareness
  • Engaging language
  • Expanded vocabulary
  • Concept exploration
  • A story that teaches but not preaches – by showing, not telling
  • Characters that evoke emotion
  • An interesting relatable story
  • Multicultural aspect
  • Humor

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