BEWARE of Amazon’s “featured” 3rd party seller prices!

Please be aware of Amazon’s policy of allowing third-party book re-sellers to claim featured status in the ‘BUY BOX’ by promoting third-party bidding to “win” the spot – negating the author/publisher’s listed price, forcing it to be pushed into the barely noticeable “More Buying Choices” option that is rarely noticed by consumers. The effect isContinue reading “BEWARE of Amazon’s “featured” 3rd party seller prices!”

Kirkus book review anticipation

All the boxes are checked. The book is published. Now, marketing and advertising and publicity, OH MY! After much odd weighing and nail biting, reading a post stating that “a bad Kirkus book review is like a rite of passage,” I took the plunge. After all, Kirkus book review has been a ‘go-to’ respected reviewerContinue reading “Kirkus book review anticipation”

A podcast review!

Even if your vision is 20/20 people can still have a visual system that isn’t working effectively or efficiently. Vision therapy, often described as “physical therapy for the eyes” is a program that is prescribed and supervised by Optometrists who are fellows of Vision Therapy. It is a training program that utilizes a series ofContinue reading “A podcast review!”

A narrative to live by and the young man who does.

I just had the pleasure of watching a wonderful piece on a remarkable young man, Jory Fleming, on the Sunday Today Show. Jory lives with several disabilities, or should I say “different abilities,” including autism. He completed his Bachelor of Science at the University of South Carolina , and went on to be a RhodesContinue reading “A narrative to live by and the young man who does.”

Rasel Rana, illustrator

Apropos to the storyline, I have been thoroughly enjoying the process of working with several talented people on this project; hailing from many corners of the world, each contribute their own special expertise to help the book come to fruition.  While I truly appreciate everyone involved, there is one person that I would like toContinue reading “Rasel Rana, illustrator”

discovering Archie’s purpose

3/26/2021 Beginning the day we (myself, my wife, two dogs … and Archie, lol) got settled into our new home the story of Archie started to unfold.  With the arrival of each animal, adding their own uniquity, the story took constant twists and turns.  It was QUITE apparent from the get-go that Archie ran theContinue reading “discovering Archie’s purpose”